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Head case

I’ve always had a fascination with skulls ever since my trip to Mexico a few years back, where I stumbled across skull artwork that was strangely beautiful. I had previously associated skeletons with death and decay. However in Mexico the skeleton symbol is juxtaposed with hypnotic designs and vibrant colours, used to celebrate a national holiday, Day of the Dead. It sounds creepy but it’s actually a beautiful ritual in which Mexicans celebrate and lovingly remember their loved ones who have passed away. In recent years the skull has become a fashion icon and a symbol of cool, made popular by the late Alexander McQueen. And who could forget Damien Hirst’s take on it – For the love of God, a diamond-encrusted platinum skull that sold for £50 million!

This trend has also been employed by the design world. Take a look at these great examples: 

Upcycled vintage ceramics collection by Melody Rose. 
I love the idea of taking vintage bone china and adding unexpected images such as a skull. Tasteful with an edge. 

The antelope skull to me is like a piece of art and is a great feature on  any wall.   I bought one from London Spitalfields Market for my fiancé and painted it white, we called him Fred.

As seen on Door sixteenJo Berryman’s house.  I love this room. The  large Damien Hirst  artwork above the fireplace is the focal point, books displayed as art complement it nicely.

Use animal heads as wall art.
The skull wallpaper from Rockket St George is so rock and roll! 

Perfect way to display jewellery. 

And if you don’t like the real thing these beautiful stag and dear heads from Graham and Green are adorable. I’ve got one of these in my white hallway and it looks lovely.


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