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Meerkat stance

Here are a few things that made me sit up like a Meerkat…..

I went to a Nelly Duff pop-up gallery at Somerset House last weekend where they were showcasing a number of artists. One artist that got my attention was Dan Hiller featured above. ‘Father & Son – bronzage’ and ‘hoarse’ were my favourites. Hiller depicts realistic poses of late-1800s people who have been altered by having animal elements added. His subjects range from reclining women to skulls resting on plates, but the archetypal and iconic effect of the black lines blurs the distinctions that are normally implied by reality. His art looks like diagrams from ancient textbooks but reveal a world that doesn’t exist yet.

If you have a sweet tooth for art get your daily fix and pop into the Nelly Duff gallery located in the lovely Columbia Road in East London.

The School of life is a cute little cultural shop in Bloomsbury London. They offer workshops and sermons on how to lead a better life through good ideas for everyday living. They address such questions as why work is often unfulfilling, why relationships can be so challenging, why it’s  even harder to stay calm and what we can do to try to change the world for the better. I’m excited because they have just launched six stylish books – Learn how to ‘think more about sex’, ‘find fulfilling work’, ‘thrive in the digital age’, ‘how to change the world’ and ‘how to stay sane’. The authors Alain de Booton, Roman Krznaric and Tom Chatfield will be touring London, Manchester, Dublin and Edinburgh to launch the series. Books designed by Marcia Mihotich.

If you’re looking for a present with more substance check out their online shop or buy a gift voucher for a friend theschooloflife.com

Source: Vogue beauty

Beauty Mart is a new concept boutique opening in Harvey Nichols offering hand-picked edits of beauty must haves. Products have been cherry picked from big beauty brands, rather than stocking the whole range – for example, offering just Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream,  not the rest of the brand. The brain childs behind this concept are Millie Kendall (co-founder of the make-up brand Ruby & Millie) and Anna-Marie Solowij (former Vogue Beauty Director). They will also be extending the idea into vending machines which will initially launch in store but the creators hope that they will eventually appear everywhere from airports to sidewalks. What a brilliant idea; all the best products selected from 170 brands in one place!!

Check out Skandium’s new shop on the fourth floor of Selfridges. Feast your eyes on the beautifully designed furniture and drool over the limited-edition gold desk designed by Hans Wegner.


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