Happiness is marriage bliss

Hello it’s been such a long time since my last post and I’ve missed you. I’ve kinda been busy though. Doing some stuff. Nothing special, just planning a wedding, getting married etc. So, I haven’t had a chance to blog for a while but I’m back and I’m sporting a new name. That’s right folks, I’m no longer Sommer Kiely. You are now looking at, wait for it…. Sommer Pyne. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? With a name like this there are a whole world of opportunities. I was joking with my friends that I could launch my own brand of toilet fresheners. Sommer Pyne Freshness maybe??? Ha ha maybe not. It does feel incredible though to be married to my beautiful husband. I still giggle when I refer to Will as my husband as it feels so grown up and I’m such a kid at heart. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to that. Or just grow up for that matter!

Our wedding day weekend extravaganza was the most beautiful and incredible experience of my life and I’m still buzzing. It’s hard to explain the emotions I felt on the day but it was like that feeling you get when you’re a child the night before Christmas. Only 10 times better because you’re there to celebrate the love you have for a very special person and the most important people in your life are there with you for the same reason. Then throw into the mix the beautiful countryside of Ibiza, sunshine, sangria, great food and dancing all night. The result? Me being more deliriously happy than I’ve ever been. It felt like a very  good dream that you don’t want to wake up from but you know you have to at some point.  I can’t believe how quickly it went after months and months of planning but I can’t complain because I now have some incredible memories that I will hold onto forever.

My our friends have been so lovely and have been posting photos and messages on Facebook which was so nice to come back to. It’s helped keep the dream alive and every time I need a pick me up I just scroll through all the photos of our friends and family having fun. I can’t wait to share our whole wedding day with you and everything we did to make it so special. As soon as I get the professional photos all will unfold.


After saying goodbye to our friends and family, which by the way was so hard after having such an amazing time with them, we took some much needed time out in Ibiza. There were definitely some tears especially when I had to say goodbye to my brother and sister who were heading back to OZ. So to get over our post wedding blues and the stress of the last nine months we did what we do best: Ate, drank and laid around like lizards in the sun, rolling in and out of the pool. We stayed at Es Cucons which is a lovely boutique hotel in the top north of the Island and is also very special because our friends got married there last year. A five minute bike ride from the hotel takes you to the cliff top views you can see below. Another favourite  haunt of ours is El Chringuito beach restaurant for the ambience and food. Imagine a white-washed interior with day beds that look out to sweeping ocean views of Formentera and Dalt Vila with Baleric tunes playing in the background, whilst sipping on ice-cold rose. Its pure bliss and you won’t want to leave. To get there you need to drive past the salt plains and you can often see pink flamingos. And of course no trip to Ibiza would be complete without having cocktails or dinner at KM5. There are so many amazing places to mooch around in Ibiza and the best place to get the lowdown is White Ibiza.


It was good to reflect and refocus my energy and think about the future and all the possibilities that it holds for us. I’m a big believer in dreams and this year and next is about making those dreams a reality. Dream big x

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2 responses to “Happiness is marriage bliss

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE!!! h xxx

  2. Anonymous

    sounds like a fairytale

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